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Analytical Counselling & Supervision.

I offer and specialise in personal therapy sessions for clients in counselling and clinical supervision for counsellors    and therapists.  I can offer clinical supervision, Couple Counselling sessions, EAP and Telephone and or Skype based sessions.

I have over 30 years clinical experience working with multi-disciplinary teams specialising in trauma, addiction and complex clinical cases.  Each session both counselling and analytical psychotherapy and clinical supervision focuses upon the clients process and aims to enlighten and facilitate personal growth, empowerment, insight and awareness around any issue they may need help with.

My approach in working with individuals is gentle, psycho-educational, psycho-analytical, humanistic and explorative to help each client that I work with gain the required insight and awareness and skills so they can focus on what it is that they need to work through and or resolve. 

I am trained in both humanistic person-centred approach and psychoanalysis; from a psychoanalytic approach the two main pillars of psychoanalysis are the unconscious and sexuality; from a humanistic approach the core conditions are unconditional positive regard, being non-judgmental, congruence and empathy. I firmly believe that both approaches can work in eclectic harmonic mix in helping the client to gain the knowledge and work through the emotions that might require venting.


I arrived in Perth WA in August 2014, prior to this I was head of counselling & psychotherapy since 1999 - 2014 working in Irelands largest drug treatment (& trauma) clinic for the Irish Health Service.  I also ran a large private practice specialising in clinical supervision of counselling therapists and facilitated personal therapy for both senior and students of counselling psychotherapy.

I specialise in the treatment of CPTSD, sexual, physical and emotional traumas, addiction, relationship issues, and complex psychological issues that individuals struggle with.  I hold an MA in addiction studies, a BA in Psychoanalysis and a Dip in Counselling.

Qualifications & Accreditation

I hold a Masters degree in Addiction Studies and hold a BA in Psychoanalytic Studies and I am level 4 accreditation licensed with the Australian Counsellors Association.  Check out my profile and license with the ACA at just click the following link here


Hulme House.

Unit 16 / 32 Hulme Court,

Myaree, Perth WA 6154.




Open Monday to Friday 9:15 AM - 6:30 PM.

Sundays 8:30 AM - 11 AM.

ABN 89 326 159 927