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Analytical Counselling & Supervision.

I offer and specialise in personal therapy sessions for clients in counselling and clinical supervision for counsellors    and therapists.  I can offer clinical supervision, Couple Counselling sessions, EAP and Telephone and or Skype based sessions.

I have over 30 years clinical experience working with multi-disciplinary teams specialising in trauma, addiction and complex clinical cases.  Each session both counselling and analytical psychotherapy and clinical supervision focuses upon the clients process and aims to enlighten and facilitate personal growth, empowerment, insight and awareness around any issue they may need help with.

I am trained in both humanistic person-centred approach and psychoanalysis; from a psychoanalytic approach the two main pillars of psychoanalysis are the unconscious and sexuality; from a humanistic approach the core conditions are unconditional positive regard, being non-judgmental, congruence and empathy. I firmly believe that both approaches can work in eclectic harmonic mix in helping the client to gain the knowledge and work through the emotions that might require venting.

My Approach.

As an existentialist, humanistic, and spiritually focused counselling psychotherapist with a background in psychoanalysis, my therapeutic approach encompasses a rich and diverse set of theoretical frameworks. Existentialism emphasises the importance of individual experience and personal responsibility. In my practice, we explore the client's search for meaning in their existence, encouraging them to confront the challenges of freedom and choice.

The term "psychoanalysis" in Latin can be translated as "psychanalysis." This is derived directly from the Greek roots "psyche" (meaning "soul" or "mind") and "analysis" (meaning "a breaking up" or "a loosening").

The humanistic perspective, rooted in theories such as person-centered therapy, emphasises the inherent goodness and potential for growth within individuals. My counselling involves creating a non-judgmental and empathetic space for clients to explore their feelings and develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

Incorporating a spiritual focus I recognise the significance of spirituality and transcendent experiences in the therapeutic process. This could involve exploring a clients' beliefs, values, and connections to something greater than themselves. Integrating spirituality into counselling may offer clients a holistic approach to addressing existential concerns.

My background in psychoanalysis adds another layer to my therapeutic approach. Psychoanalysis, pioneered by Freud & Lacan etc., delves into the unconscious mind, and sexuality emphasising the influence of early experiences on current behaviour. This analytical foundation provides a client with tools to uncover hidden patterns, facilitating a deeper understanding of personal struggles.

By combining these approaches, I attempt to create a comprehensive and individualised counselling experience. Existentialism encourages clients to find purpose, humanism fosters personal growth, spirituality addresses deeper existential questions, and psychoanalysis delves into the intricacies of the unconscious. This integration enables me to tailor your therapeutic interventions to each client's unique needs, offering a holistic and personalised approach to counselling.

Within the existentialist framework, I engage with clients in exploring their existential givens, such as the inevitability of death, freedom of choice, isolation, and the search for meaning. Existential therapy often involves helping clients confront their anxieties and uncertainties, encouraging them to take responsibility for their decisions and actions. Through this process, clients may gain a deeper understanding of their values and goals, ultimately finding a sense of purpose in their lives.

Humanistic counselling, particularly person-centered therapy developed by Carl Rogers, involves creating a therapeutic environment characterised by empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard. As a humanistic counsellor, I emphasise the importance of the therapeutic relationship, fostering a safe space where clients can feel accepted and understood. This approach encourages clients to explore their feelings, thoughts, and experiences, facilitating self-discovery and personal growth.

Integrating a spiritual focus into my practice involves recognising and respecting the spiritual dimensions of clients' lives. This could encompass exploring religious beliefs, connections to nature, or the search for transcendence. By incorporating spirituality into therapy, you acknowledge the role it plays in shaping clients' identities and provide a space for them to explore the existential and spiritual aspects of their existence.

Drawing from my background and training in psychoanalysis, I utilise techniques such as free association, dream analysis, and exploring the unconscious to uncover underlying patterns and conflicts. This analytical perspective enables me to delve into the roots of clients' challenges, connecting past experiences with present struggles. By addressing unconscious dynamics, I can therefore contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the client's psyche.

In summary, my approach as an existentialist, humanistic, and spiritually focused counselling psychotherapist with a background in psychoanalysis is characterised by a deep appreciation for individual experience, a commitment to personal growth, an acknowledgment of spiritual dimensions, and a nuanced exploration of the unconscious mind. This multifaceted approach enables me to offer clients a comprehensive and tailored therapeutic experience that addresses the complexities of their inner worlds.


I arrived in Perth WA in August 2014, prior to this I was head of counselling & psychotherapy since 1999 - 2014 working in Irelands largest drug treatment (& trauma) clinic for the Irish Health Service.  I also ran a large private practice specialising in clinical supervision of counselling therapists and facilitated personal therapy for both senior and students of counselling psychotherapy.

I specialise in the treatment of CPTSD, sexual, physical and emotional traumas, addiction, relationship issues, Borderline personality disorders, Narcissistic personality disorders and complex psychological issues that individuals struggle with.  I hold an MA in addiction studies, a BA in Psychoanalysis and a Dip in Counselling.

Qualifications & Accreditation

I hold a Masters degree in Addiction Studies and hold a BA in Psychoanalytic Studies and I am level 4 accreditation licensed with the Australian Counsellors Association.  Check out my profile and license with the ACA at just click the following link here


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