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Practical Details:

We will meet for 50 minutes on agreed dates as per this booking.

We have agreed that there will be no unnecessary interruptions e.g. mobile phones, etc, during the counselling session. The fee agreed is the fee for booking this specific session. The fees are reviewed at the beginning of each calendar year. Missed appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the agreed session rate. You have the option of rescheduling your appointment prior to the 24 hours booking, via the online scheduler.

All receipts for paid sessions will be emailed directly to you after each session. Paper copies are not issued for a reduction on paper – trees environmental support.

Location of sessions:

The sessions will be held in Hulme House, 16/32 Hulme Court
Myaree WA 6154.

If possible please arrive about 5 minutes prior to the session time but no sooner as there is a gap of 10 minutes between each client arriving and departing. The door will be open - in case the door is closed, it means a session is in progress.


We have agreed that the following arrangements will take place in the following situations: If there is a need for an extra counselling session, this can be negotiated with the counsellor.

The counsellor will keep brief notes of sessions in a safe and secure place. All notes are recorded via voice recorder and or paper directly after each session on the factual aspects of each session, what was discussed and any agreements.

These in turn are kept in a secure ‘double lock system’ in line with normal clinical procedures. The double lock system is locked in the office and locked in a secure cabinet when not being utilised.

It is recommended that the client considers keeping their own notes for their ongoing learning record, similar to a private journal/diary. This can be advantageous to gain and increase awareness and insight into personal development & any psychological triggers that may repeat consciously or unconsciously and require self-reflection.


The following guidelines will guide our time together.

Openness and honesty will be present about the work, the counselling relationship, reports etc.

The work of the counselling sessions will remain confidential except in the following situations;

1. Where there is a likelihood of harm to self or others.

2. (Specific to students studying counselling psychotherapy or Analysis) Where a college or organisation requires progress reports; however any forms etc will be completed during a session between the counsellor and the client for an open and honest appraisal. The student counsellor/client will be at all times part of this process. Significant personal material relating to sessions will not be disclosed to college organisations, the organisation will only be given sign-off that a student counsellor is capable of managing his or her own material. In summary, the counselling process is for the benefit of the client and not to any external organisations criteria. Therefore the client ultimately decides if a report requires completion by the counsellor.

3. Any legal process that supersedes the counselling arrangement.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Counsellor’ Responsibility:

As an accredited member of the Australian Counselling Association both as clinical supervisor of counsellors & as a counsellor; I am bound to abide by legally and ethics.
In summary, my responsibilities are Timekeeping.

Giving feedback.

Creating a safe place. Keeping notes of sessions.

Monitoring the counselling relationship.

Report writing as requested by accreditation organisations, course directors etc. Drawing up any additional reports requested by the client.
In general, where a client requests letters for any third party we do not write letters unless directed by a court judge.

At any stage, a client can request copies of their case notes as written during the session by Alan.

Client’s Responsibility:


Engaging in the counselling process.

Applying learning from counselling.

Giving feedback to self and counsellor.

Feedback and Review:

We have agreed that there will be ongoing feedback and review involving: The Counselling process.

Re-negotiation of Counselling Agreement:

At any time, either the counsellor and or the client can initiate discussion around the re-negotiation of the counselling contract or any part of it.

I the undersigned have read the counselling contract and I agree to the policies procedures agreed on signing this agreement.


Hulme House.

Unit 16 / 32 Hulme Court,

Myaree, Perth WA 6154.




Open Monday to Friday 9:15 AM - 6:30 PM.

Sundays 8:30 AM - 11 AM.

ABN 89 326 159 927